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What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser on user’s computer or another device, such as a mobile phone or a tablet, when visiting a website. Among other things, cookies allow the website to recognize the user’s device and remember certain information about your sessions during your connection. Cookies remember the type of the browser you used or the settings you select which remain your default settings when you revisit the website hence improving your user comfort.

How do we use cookies? 

We primarily use cookies to improve our services and your experience while browsing this website. To achieve these goals, it helps us to collect aggregate statistic data on the number of visitors, automatic language selection of the website and to obtain data on how this website is used. Apart from these, we also use cookies from third parties for the purpose of marketing technologies which are focused on optimizing our offer and needs of individual visitors of our website. The user’s behavior when visiting the website is analyzed on the basis of an algorithm which enables us to direct targeted product recommendations to you, in a form of advertising banners and advertising information on third-party websites.

What specific types of cookies we use? 

We use the following types of cookies on our website:

  • Session cookies

These cookies identify your activity on our website, and they enable our website to remember you while you are using it. The moment you leave our website or close your web browser, these cookies are automatically deleted. You can block these cookies in your web browser, however, please note that in such case our website, or it parts, may not work properly.

  • Persistent cookies

These cookies on our website have several forms, including analytical, advertising, technical and third-party cookies. Unlike temporary cookies, persistent cookies remain stored on your hard drive (their expiration date is 2 years maximum, since your last visit), and their storage is not affected by closing the browser or shutting down the computer. These cookies are used to increase user comfort while using online services, or they are used for statistical or advertising purposes. These cookies may contain an anonymous identifier of your browser.

    • Analytical cookies 

These cookies help us obtain data concerning, in particular, visits, the origin of visits and the performance of the website. Analytical cookies are intended to detect repeated visits of our website from the same browser on the same device and to monitor your activity when browsing our website. This information then helps us identify technical problems which may occur on our website, as well as the effectiveness of individual components of our website, based on which we improve navigation on our website and thus your user experience.

    • Marketing cookies 

These cookies allow us to display targeted advertising on our website which means that you will be shown advertisement that is tailored specifically to your preference. These cookies are anonymized which means that they do not directly identify you. We can however still recognize you as a visitor and thus adjust the advertisement to you.

    • Technical cookies 

These cookies help us keep track of whether you have given us your consent to use cookies. We therefore use this type of cookies to be able to provide you with your chosen preferences when using our website.

    • Third-party cookies 

Third party cookies are cookies that are not created or managed by our website but by an independent third party (e.g., a business partner, a service provider, etc.). We currently use the following third-party cookies on our website:

      • Facebook Pixel – we use the Facebook Pixel platform on our website. It uses cookies in order to individualize advertisement (see Marketing cookies) and also to analyze your visit on our website (see Analytical cookies). By the means of Remarketing-Pixel technology, Facebook can use the visitors of our website as a target group for Facebook-Ads ads. For this purpose, cookies are stored on your computer. For more information about these cookies, you can visit the website of the platform operator . By agreeing to the use of Marketing cookies, you agree that the Facebook Pixel platform operator and other third parties may use cookies and web beacons that they collect and place on our website and combine the subsequent information and personal data obtained through it with other information for the purpose of providing personalized advertising of companies which belong to the economic group of the operator of this website. You can revoke this consent at any time in your web browser or at or .
      • GoogleAnalytics – we use the Google Analytics platform on our website. It uses cookies to analyze your visit on our website (see Analytical cookies). For more information about these cookies, you can visit the platform operator‘s website .
      • Google Ads – we use the Google Ads platform on our website. It uses cookies in order to individualize advertising (see Marketing cookies). By means of this platform, Google can offer you personalized advertising. For this purpose, cookies are stored on your computer. By agreeing to the use of Marketing cookies, you agree that we may store cookies on your device through our website in order to provide personalized advertising. You can revoke this consent at any time in your web browser or at or .

Legal basis for the use of your cookies 

We store and use all cookies, with the exception of the Strictly necessary cookies (cookies necessary for the launch and use of the basic functions of the website), only with your consent. You can express your consent by clicking on the “I agree” button in our cookies box.

How can I reject cookies? 

You can reject the use of cookies by selecting the “I do not agree” button in our cookies box. You can also reject the use of cookies by withdrawing your consent or changing its scope. You can do so by choosing the appropriate function in the cookies box or by clicking on the button in right bottom corner of the web page.

How long do we store your cookies? 

By default, we store cookie settings on your device for a maximum of 3 years. If you wish to change your cookies preferences, you can do so on the button “Cookies”.

This version of the Cookies Policy for this website was released on the May 1, 2022.